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We are a Canadian grown & based company, right near Toronto, Ontario,

Hello welcome! The creation of this store is to help embrace the long and rich history the wristwatch. 500 years! We are excited to be apart of something so special & amazing. You see a watch isn't just a watch. A watch is much more than that. A watch can be many things. Just off the top of the head theres a few to think about. We will start with watches can be tokens of appreciation, a gift for a graduation or a promotion to a new job. A piece of family jewlery passed down generation by generation, a fashion item thats the cherry on the cake of your fabulous attire, a symbol of power, or a highly precise time keeping device that tells you the date, time, season and so many more functions. Whether its a work of you like enjoy or a special occassion you need to look your best and most sophisticated for we understand. Theres a whole lot of reasons to own a watch, have you found yours yet?

The name of this store comes from a term for a type of movement invented in the 1500s by an inventor in germany. It derives from the term lever escapement. Which is comprised of two levers pushed by an escape pin to may the dials turn. This action has been used for quite some time now and is still in production to this very day. We proudly adopt Levers Escape as a trademark name since 2017. 

The founder of this company Liam S. Cantrill-Gosse, was born in Toronto Ontario Canada. Has lived and worked in Canada all his life. Since he was a boy he always had a special love for things mechanical. Grew up very fond of watches and the mechanical beauty of the engineering behind them. Tho fascinated he took up many hobbies with things to do with cars and even heavy machinery. Hos back ground enriched with mechanical marvels in engineering he always had a special place in his heart for the tiny mechanical wonders of the world. This company signifies his love and passion for watches. 


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