About Us

Hello Ladies & Gents 

We are a Canadian grown & based company, right near Toronto, Ontario,

Hello welcome! I created this store as a display of my love for watches. I am excited to say I am ready to open to the public. My staff and I can't wait to share updates and news with you! We are bursting with excitement! Levers Escape is a young company, with bright aspirations. We are hopeful and excited to be apart of something special & amazing! That something amazing is bringing all of our customers satisfaction and joy. We aim for excellence. Shoot for the stars & break the bars! We got big plans for the future! There will be Contests, free giveaways, prizes and more. Right now we have member rewards, purchase rewards, referral rewards, free gifts and giveaway products that you only pay shipping on. Which is pretty fair in our books. We understand the value of free. Stick with us, there is lots more coming.  

A bit of who Levers Escape is, our story starts with a love for watches & time keeping devices. I named my store after an early method of watch making called Lever Escapement, if you follow watches then you may know. If not, you can always read it here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lever_escapement 

A little about myself, I am the owner of Levers Escape. Ever since I was young, I always had an eye for nice watches & beautifully engineered time keeping devices. My infatuation with them started early. You can always tell when a watch has been well crafted, the craftsman took his time, put his passion & love into making it. Used the creativity in his mind to form the perfection that derives from a meticulously made watch, every thing from its tick to the clarity of the dial window to the quality of materials. It all matters. I always enjoyed the intricacy of the watch and how it works. The amount of patience time & concentration it takes to make a watch is extensive thats why i believe in the value of a watch, which is what this is all about. We Love Watches! We are enthusiasts! They say you can't buy time, that's not how we see it. I created this website to deliver timelessness and endless moments. The moment in your mind that stands out the most because every detail was perfect!

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